Homecare and support

Homecare and support

UK Care Team provides high quality, home care services which gives our clients the freedom to live independently in their own homes. Our services are tailor-made to reflect the type of care required by the individual and their specific needs, which we understand may change over time. That’s why our care services are totally flexible, allowing you to vary the types of care offered and the frequency of the care that is provided.

Domiciliary care (home care)

Domiciliary care is the range of home care services put in place to support you or a loved one in your own home. It includes support across a wide-range of activities such as household tasks and personal care, to enable you to continue to live independently. Also known as care at home, our domiciliary care can range from 30 minutes a week up to several visits a day and is built around your specific needs and requirements

Live-in care

Live-in care is when one of our highly trained, professional carers move into a spare room in your home to provide round-the-clock support. They will offer as much or as little care as you desire, with everything set out in a personalised care plan that’s agreed between us from the outset. We take the upmost care in finding the right person for you,someone with the skills and experience to support your personal needs, but also someone whose personality matches you and encourages a genuine bond to grow.

Having 24-hour care at home is a realistic alternative to care homes if you have long-term care needs. Given the choice, most ofus would rather continue living at home but tend to assume care homes are the best or only option.

There’s no upheaval, stress or uncertainty from moving home and you can resume your normal routine. You can continue to lead your own life in familiar surroundings, with exceptional and compassionate care from your own professional carers.

Respite care

Caring for a loved one can often be exhausting, leaving you with very little time for anything else in life. It’s very easy to forget about yourself in this situation, but your own health and wellbeing is of vital importance, to you and the person you care for.

Here at UK Care Team, we understand that anyone in this demanding position should take regular breaks and make time for themselves. Whether it’s a day out with friends, a family holiday or simply spending some time alone, a break can really make a difference, helping you to recharge your batteries and regain your own wn identity.

Understandably, it’s often hard to let go, but UK Care Team can offer you help and support during this time by providing reliable, high-quality respite care to give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve whilst you’re away.

Our respite care services are totally flexible and individually tailored to suit the needs of you and the person you care for. It’s worth contacting your local social services team who can provide a carer’s assessment which may help you in gaining financial support during this time.

Practical and personal

Practical and personal everyday things can often be the hardest for those in need of support. We develop care plans that cover all aspects of these activities to suit your specific needs. Practical support can include any of the following.

  • Shopping
  • Preparing/ cooking meals
  • Laundry / ironing
  • Handling mail and helping with household bills
  • Help with organising days out with families and friends / companionship
  • Taking to appointments / religious places of worship
  • Night sit-ins/ sleep-ins
  • Vacuuming / cleaning floors
  • Tidying / dusting
  • Washing up
  • Assistance with managing medicine

Personal support can include any of the following: 

  • Getting up and getting ready
  • Bathing and washing
  • Dressing and appearance
  • Assistance with management of medicine
  • Settling in for the evening
  • Help and support with toileting and incontinence

Night care

You, or a loved one, may need overnight care if you are uncomfortable being left alone or need assistance throughout the night such as to go to the bathroom or for administering medication. We can arrange for one of our care staff to stay overnight at your home to support you and help to maintain your daily routine. This means the care doesn’thave to stop when the working day does, and you can get access to trained care staff out of hours and all through the night. With our dedicated night care service, care is available to you at any time of the night according to your specific needs, meaning you can remain living comfortably at home with the added security of support whenever you need it.

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