Respite care

Caring for a loved one can often be exhausting, leaving you with very little time for anything else in life. It’s very easy to forget about yourself in this situation, but your own health and wellbeing is of vital importance, to you and the person you care for.

Here at UK Care Team, we understand that anyone in this demanding position should take regular breaks and make time for themselves. Whether it’s a day out with friends, a family holiday or simply spending some time alone, a break can really make a difference, helping you to recharge your batteries and regain your own wn identity.

Understandably, it’s often hard to let go, but UK Care Team can offer you help and support during this time by providing reliable, high-quality respite care to give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve whilst you’re away.

Our respite care services are totally flexible and individually tailored to suit the needs of you and the person you care for. It’s worth contacting your local social services team who can provide a carer’s assessment which may help you in gaining financial support during this time.

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